Scraper GIGA

Agriculture / arable farming
The Bos scrapers are ideal for moving a lot of soil. These machines have a large inner box so a large amount of soil can be carried and leveled efficiently.
Agriculture / arable farming
250-500 hp
350-500 CM
  • Transport width 350 CM
  • Blade height 150 CM
  • Fixed top with sliding back plate
  • 4 tires 600/60-30.5 of which 2 are braked
  • Mass weight 5000 KG
  • Capacity 12 m3
  • LED lights mounted on dozer bucket
  • Hydraulic transport valve
  • Hydraulic tilt adjustment
  • Fixed operating width
  • Joystick control
  • Laser/GPS control
  • Storage box for laser equipment
  • Storage tube for laser tripod
  • Piping over side of dozer bucket

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