Kilverboard KD5004

Agriculture / Sports fields / Road construction
The KD5004 machines are used for earthmoving and leveling. The machines are equipped with a rotatable inner box in which a large part of the ground can be carried instead of being slid. This means more efficiency and less fuel consumption. In addition to moving the soil, this machine is also very suitable for leveling.
Agriculture / Sports fields / Road construction
150-275 hp
300-400-500 cm
  • Blade height 100 cm
  • Transport width 300 cm
  • Rotatable inner shell
  • Independent skew adjustment with indicators
  • Wheels 4 St. 15.0/55-17
  • Mass 2800 KG
  • LED lights mounted on kilverbord
  • 19.0/45-17 tires
  • Hydraulic track width adjustment
  • Pendulum axles (i.c.w. 19.0/45-17 tires)
  • Pendulum axles (i.c.w. 500/45-22.5 tires)
  • Scrapers for wheels
  • Hydraulic side doors
  • Joystick control
  • Laser/GPS control
  • Storage box for laser equipment
  • Storage tube for laser tripod

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