Box scraper KB5004 MEGA

Agriculture / Sports fields / Road construction
The KB5004 MEGA land leveling machine is a new box scraper in the KB5004 line. The MEGA is well known for the higher blade height and compatible for tractor with more horsepower then the other KB5004’S. The MEGA box scraper is standard equipped with double slope adjustment, 4 big wheels and mechanical adjustable doors. You can equip the KB5004 MEGA with several options. The KB5004 MEGA can also be equipped with double laser or double GPS steering.
Agriculture / Sports fields / Road construction
200- 400 hp
300-400-500 cm
  • Blade height 150 cm
  • Transport width 300 cm
  • Wheels 4 pcs.
  • Mass 3600 kg
  • LED lighting mounted on kilverbord
  • Independent skew adjustment with indicators
  • Hydraulic track width adjustment
  • K80 ball head tow bar
  • Pendulum axles
  • Hydraulic side doors
  • Joystick control
  • Laser/GPS steering
  • Walkway grid over kilverbord with steps
  • Storage box for laser equipment
  • Storage tube for laser tripod

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