Rotary cutter WA-220

Maintenance on ditches and verges
The rotary cutter is a typical 'Bos product'; Rotary cutters have been produced by Bos for more than 40 years. The rotary are used to clean up ditch material and lowering ditch sides. Each type of rotary cutter is less than 4 meters in transport. The WA-220 is suitable for tractors with a capacity of up to 220 HP
Maintenance on ditches and verges
Up to 220hp
150 cm
  • Transport height 4 m
  • 2 air tires in front
  • Front right wheel height hydraulic
  • Left front wheel height mechanical
  • Version 1000 rpm
  • Led lighting
  • External lubrication points drive
  • Heavy-duty reel
  • Hydraulic control berm cap
  • Large berm cap hydraulically adjustable
  • 3rd support wheel with pneumatic tire hydraulic folding
  • Increased spool speed reel
  • Wider front right support wheel

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