What does Bos do

The company Bos develops and delivers machines, preferably with an innovative edge, for the professional user in ditch and roadside maintenance and earthmoving and land levelling. In doing so, they strive to offer the client a total solution because they are ultimately the ones who need to earn their living with it. And innovative in this context means: not standard but a bit more, a bit different, a bit new. That’s the challenge. And that, in short, is the Bos philosophy.

Their biggest clients come from the contracting industry. For example, the construction of roads or sports fields. The machines we deliver are soil tillage equipment and bulldozers. We also deliver machines for ditch and roadside maintenance, bought by municipalities or water boards, but mostly by contractors and the contracting industry.

Did you know that

The machines can be controlled by hand, but also by laser or by GPS system, more modern but also more complex?

Bos’ machines go all over the world? For example, there are machines in Kuwait, Lithuania, South Africa, Romania, Hungary, Finland, Denmark, France, England and, of course, Germany.

Historie Bos Bolsward


Eise Bos, along with an old school friend, founded the company more than 50 years ago.
Historie Bos Bolsward

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Innovatie Bos Bolsward


Listening to the customers and users and, in consultation with them, always managing to establish a machine with an edge.
Innovatie Bos Bolsward

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