It is over 50 years since the company Bos started developing and delivering machines, preferably with a unique character, for the professional user in ditch and roadside maintenance and earthmoving and land levelling. And there are special construction projects too. From the production of series to individual pieces of equipment, all aimed at providing the client with the right product.

Development spirit

With our longstanding passion for technology, we want to produce ‘the reliable machine’ with unique features. And over the years, this has been successful many times. The spirit of development among our employees has made the business what it is today. The innovative aspect is often the result of a question from the client, who has a problem they want solved. This might involve thinking up something new, but usually it means developing an existing machine. This may then be given a new function, made faster, more accurate or efficient.

Listening to customers and users

Listening to the clients and users and in consultation, always producing a machine with an added edge. As professionals, we strive to offer the user a professional and innovative total solution. This means constantly considering how to do things differently, or better.

Just that bit more, that bit different and that bit new. That’s Bos!

Did you know that

Bos is a brand name. It’s about our own products. Meticulously developed and produced by our own professionals, involving many different aspects. You are actually a logistics company. You start with lots of small items which need to come together at a certain point and be assembled. And at the end of the journey, there’s a machine that is exactly what the buyer wanted.

The skill is to do this as well and efficiently as possible. Preferably, you make as many machines as possible with the fewest possible components. From standard parts configured with different options, the system becomes client specific.

Historie Bos Bolsward


Eise Bos, along with an old school friend, founded the company more than 50 years ago.
Historie Bos Bolsward

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Bos develops and supplies machines for the professional user in ditch and verge maintenance and earth moving and leveling.
Wat we doen Bos Bolsward

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