Over 50 years ago, Eise Bos founded the company with an old school friend. Initially based in the family farm, but soon they moved into a building in the village of Lollum. The first ditch cleaner was produced, followed by local product demonstrations. The first machine was soon sold.

Did you know that

Eise Bos made his first drawing of a ditch cleaner as early as age 14!

Wat we doen Bos Bolsward

What does Bos do

Bos develops and supplies machines for the professional user in ditch and verge maintenance and earth moving and leveling.
Wat we doen Bos Bolsward

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Bos does

Innovatie Bos Bolsward


Listening to the customers and users and, in consultation with them, always managing to establish a machine with an edge.
Innovatie Bos Bolsward

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